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Desk for Music Keyboard

Slide out the keyboard

Desk with sliding keyboard

Bathroom Cabinet

For use in the bathroom

Bathroom Cabinet

Peter Turner's Son Sylvan

Being held by Peter

Peter Turner holds son Sylvan
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Hickory Kitchen

We installed the laminate counter top and back splash in addition to building the cabinetry for this kitchen.

Oak Bath Cabinets

Hickory Kitchen

Custom kitchen with calico hickory exteriors. We employ meticulous grain-matching to make our doors look as natural as possible. Two features of this kitchen are the divided-light glass doors, and the spice-rail above the sink.

Sewing Center

This set of cabinets has a built-in table which extends to create a large work surface. Our customer intended to use these cabinets as a sewing center. There is even a leaf for the sewing machine to sit in so it is flush with the surface of the table.

Display Cabinet

This display case was designed to complement the window arrangement in the room. The center section is lighted, has glass shelves, and locking doors.

Room Divider / Desk

These red oak cabinets were built to go together with metal drawer units and a maple top to produce a room divider that also serves as a desk work area. The cabinet with doors was designed for the owner’s fish tank to sit on top of it.

Bathroom Cabinet

This small cabinet features a towel holder on the left side, and a pull-out board on the right.